Cross-Border Data Protection Network

Dr. Róisín Costello


Róisín Aine Costello graduated from the Trinity Law School with first class honours in 2013 and holds Masters (with distinction) in International Affairs and Law from the Institut d’études politiques de Paris and Georgetown Law respectively. Róisín was a Fellow of the Institute for International Economic Law at Georgetown and a research assistant at the Law School’s Centre for Privacy and Technology Law.
During her LL.M. Róisín also worked with the Electronic Privacy Information Centre in Washington D.C. covering consumer protection and public interest law. Following graduation Róisín worked in London and Dublin in law and policy. Róisín has acted as a local expert for the World Bank Report on Women, Business and the Law and is a contributing writer on law and technology to Justis and the winner of the Justis 2018 International Law and Technology Writing Competition.
As a member of the Institute of International and European Affairs’ Emerging Voices panel on the Future of the EU 27 supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Róisín contributes to policy discussions on digital technologies and the Rule of Law in the European Union. Her doctoral work is funded by the Irish Research Council.