Cross-Border Data Protection Network

Partner Institutions

Institute for Advanced Legal Studies

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies was founded in 1947. It was conceived and is funded as a national academic institution, attached to the University of London, serving all universities through its national legal research library.

Its function is to promote, facilitate and disseminate the results of advanced study and research in the discipline of law, for the benefit of persons and institutions in the UK and abroad. IALS has a dedicated Research Centre that focuses on information law and policy – the Information Law and Policy Centre.

The Centre produces, promotes and facilitates research about the law and policy of information and data, and the ways in which law both restricts and enables the sharing and dissemination of different types of information.

Centre of European Law at King's College London

The KCL Centre of European Law was established in 1974. It is the oldest centre of its kind in the United Kingdom and one of the oldest in the world. Since its establishment, it has sought to provide leadership in scholarly research in European law, offer academic teaching in specialist areas, and serve the wider community, especially, governments, international organisations, and the practising profession.

It is perceived to be one of the finest centres for the study of European law in the world. Its members are influential in shaping EU law and policy and many of its alumni hold prominent positions throughout Europe. Some forty-five years after its establishment, CEL remains at the cutting edge of academic research and teaching, and at the forefront of legal developments.