Cross-Border Data Protection Network

Project Summary

The Cross-border Data Protection Network (Cross-DPN) is a multi-stakeholder, transnational forum between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland for discussing issues related to data protection in the post-Brexit era through an interdisciplinary research, as well as a practical and policy lens.

CROSS-DPN brings together researchers, practitioners, businesses and civil society in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the European Union more widely. It aims to combine multi-disciplinary research with a practical and policy lens on contemporary challenges to data-protection.

Brexit and Data Protection

Brexit disrupts the current data protection regime with important implications for citizens, businesses and governments, in the UK, the RoI, and the EU more broadly. Millions of citizens whose personal data are processed in the UK and thousands of businesses carrying out cross-border activities between the UK, RoI and other EU countries face major uncertainties about their future rights and obligations with respect to data protection.

Our Project

Cross-DPN is the first sustainable network of academics, civil society, industry and public officials to engage with data protection-related challenges that arise in two interconnected bilateral relationships: that between the UK and the RoI, with particular focus on the border between Northern Ireland and RoI, and that between the UK and the EU as a whole.

Our Objectives

1. to function as a knowledge-sharing forum for assessing data protection-related challenges following Brexit and explore potential solutions;

2. to strengthen existing links between UK and RoI and foster the formation of new relationships between scholars and public/private stakeholders; 

3. to offer a platform for identifying common research agendas and laying the foundations for future collaborations in the area of data protection;