Cross-Border Data Protection Network

Cross-Border Data Protection Network

Cross-Border Data Protection Network (CROSS-DPN) is a multi-stakeholder network focusing on the future of data protection in the post-Brexit era.

Our Activities


CROSS-DPN will organise four online events focusing on data protection challenges following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU


CROSS-DPN offers a forum and social media channels to foster the dissemination and exchange of research across members

CROSS-DPN will support two research visits by outstanding emerging scholars specializing in data protection challenges post Brexit.

Recent Event

Live Webinar: Data Protection, Law enforcement and Intteligence Sharing

The third event, led by Edoardo Celeste and hosted by the DCU Law Research Centre, the Brexit Institute and the DCU Law & Technology Research Cluster and took place on the 16th-17th September 2021. It focused on data protection, law enforcement and intelligence sharing.

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