Cross-Border Data Protection Network

Cross-Border Data Protection Network

Cross-Border Data Protection Network (CROSS-DPN) is a multi-stakeholder network focusing on the future of data protection in the post-Brexit era.

Our Activities


CROSS-DPN will organise four online events focusing on data protection challenges following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU


CROSS-DPN offers a forum and social media channels to foster the dissemination and exchange of research across members

CROSS-DPN will support two research visits by outstanding emerging scholars specializing in data protection challenges post Brexit.

Recent Event

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Our First Event

This event was co-organised by Dr Edina Harbinja (Aston University) and Dr Nóra Ní Loideain (The Information Law and Policy Centre) and focused on issues surrounding commercial data transfer between the UK and the Republic of Ireland (and the EU more widely) in the post-Brexit era.

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